Entry #15

Hey, How's it goin'?

2011-03-24 06:31:00 by GodFatherOfRock

Hey guys, I'm back and better than ever. If anyone reads this, and I mean anyone drop a comment. I'd love to hear it. I've recently received a condenser microphone for my birthday, so that sound enable me to do some voice acting, and heighten the quality of future projects if there are any.

If you ever need a voice actor for ANYTHING, I'm up for the job. Just send me a PM and we'll take it from there.

I will hopefully be able to put up miniature flash animations just for fun, possibly nearing April, or even early summer.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment below, or PM me. I'm open 7 days a week, 25/8.

Thanks, and have a great day, and weekend as it slowly approaches!



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2011-03-25 18:30:22

Nice hair.

GodFatherOfRock responds:

Hahaha, why thank you. Although, I am frightened that a guy with the username 'chainsawmurder' likes my hair...

Have a Good one wherever you're from!


2011-03-28 16:36:46

Thanks for stopping by my page. You've got some good stuff yourself, not to mention the nice profile pic and caption. :)

GodFatherOfRock responds:

Hahaha, you flatter me. Thanks for stopping by my page too. Means a lot. Have a great one, and it shouldn't be hard in a place like Los Angeles. :D